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Motherhood Through Asperger Colored Lenses

There is nothing like going out to the garden and finding an unexpected treasure. That first tomato, roses that bloomed overnight or a butterfly in the lantana are what I look forward to when I step outside. One day last summer I went looking for a few garden beans and possibly a few tomatoes to add to my family’s dinner. What I found instead was a site to behold, a monster 4 lb zucchini hidden between the beans ( the squash had actually sent shooters so far into my vegetable garden that I ended up finding zucchini everywhere including at one point a neighbor’s yard)… oh and I also got a bowl of beans and a few tomatoes as well. I had no idea anything of THAT magnitude was taking up residence in my yard! Those are the moments when I just find myself so enthralled with this little gardening…

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